EGJJF European Cup 2018

The EGJJF EUROPEAN CUP 2018 will be held on Saturday 26th May 2018

The EGJJF European Cup 2018 will be  held in ‘de Maaspoorthallen’ in Den Bosch. In our 1st edition we will work with 8 mats.

Why do we organise this tournament?

We believe that in the current IBJJF ruleset leaves to much space for stalling and avoiding the fight. By appliying the JJGF’s rules, we introduce a ruleset in which stalling is severly penalized and no advantages are awarded. With this being the main difference, it’s very easy to adapt to for true Jiu-Jitsu fighters. For more info and the full rulebook, click on this DOWNLOAD.

Main differences in rulesets are (please read full rulebook carefully):

-No advantages (only points or submissions)

-Penalties on stalling

-No points are awarded for Knee on Stomach/Belly position




Great Atmosphere and Fun
Family and Friends can watch your matches from upclose in the fighting area. During the day you can refresh yourself with Acai, buy food & drinks and shop at our sponsor’s stands. We introduce a unique BJJ Expo, with several demonstrations so that fighters, friends, family and other visitors are well entertained! For the very young ones we have a Bouncy Castle!

To get an idea on what to expect, watch the video below (made during 2017’s EGJJF Open):

Why Compete at EGJJF  European Cup

* We introduce a very competitive ruleset, the very first time it’s used in Europe.

* The tournament always follows the communicated schedule!

* 8 mats and a good warmup area

*With our expo you can relax whenever you want

*Our event will be online broadcasted via our Social Media accounts

* The Maaspoorthallen is a very prestigeous location, great parking facility

* We work with experienced Referee’s and Mat Managers to make the day run smoothly

*Our members get a 10% discount on their registration fee (check our newsletter).

EGJJF European Cup uses a knockout system.
EGJJF applies the official BJJ rules from the JJGF, the can be downloaded HERE.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu weightclasses (with Kimono);

ADULT MALE: -64 kg, -70 kg, -76 kg, -82.3 kg, -88.3 kg, -94.3 kg, -100.5 kg, +100.5 kg
ADULT FEMALE: -53,5kg, -58,5kg, -64kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79,3kg, +79,3kg

Open Weight:The medal winners of each class can sign-up after their bracket for open weight categorie.

Belt Divisions:
Men: White, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black
Women: White, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black
If there are to few participants in a specific belt or weight class, classes will be combined.

Generic Rules
Important: Competing at this tournament is at your own risk. The organisation is not responsible or accountable for any injuries that happens during the fights on the mats.

Location Information
Maaspoort Sport & Events Marathonloop 1,
5235 AA ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Telefoon: 073 649 4222

Register to event (click on link)


Early registration (20th januari – 5th may): €40,-

Late registration (5th may – 20th may): €50,-

EGJJF Members have their 10% discount code in their e-mail!

Hotel information and booking
We can suggest some hotels nearby. If you have any questions regarding your booking or hotel, please contact them directly.

Movenpick Hotel
Fletcher Hotel

European Gracie Jiu-Jitsu federation



Our event is sponsored by the following companies:

Bouncer for life is our main sponsor. Bouncer for life is founded to offer the best available supplements for athletes. Feel free to ask them for any advice, you’ll find them at our Expo!

BJJ Fightgear is the place to go for your Fightgear. Visit them at our Expo!

Onlinefighter.EU is the place to go for your custom Fightgear! Visit them at our Expo!


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